Graduating during the recession lead Genna Margolis of Shapeside to start her career, surprisingly, in residential real estate due to a great referral for a job. She says, “Through my real estate career I started to realize how fascinated I was by the many different apartments I’d see. It always amazed me how and why people decided to design their spaces the way that they do. From there is when I realized I really wanted to be an interior designer.”

One of Genna’s recent projects caught our eye for its open, breezy spirit. Her clients had been previously living together in Venice, LA but after the boyfriend completed renovations on a home he owned in Silverlake, the couple decided to move in to the home. They hired Genna to help them get the most function out of home while integrating their styles.

What was the design direction that your client gave you?
I can’t say it was necessarily a “direction”. More like they both wanted the space to feel collected yet clean and representation of both of them. She loves white, light and airy, while he loves the color blue and had a lot of masculine heavier pieces, so it was a priority of keeping it a mix of both while making it feel gender neutral with character.

My inspiration for the space was the idea of laid back open feel with interesting pieces that made it feel purposeful rather than a store-bought room in a box. I really wanted both my clients to absolutely love the space and feel like it was perfect for them even though they both have different ideas on what they might want.

What was the space like when you started the project?
When we first started the place was actually fully furnished since they had a collection of both of their stuff but the second bedroom was a disaster! They did not know how everything was going to fit and needed help making the place feel cohesive. Since they had a lot of the big pieces, which were the dining table and chairs, sofa, and the bed, it was up to me to design the rest and make sure it all comes together.

See how Genna brought it all together in the slideshow!