Since international travel is on hold, our wanderlust is in overdrive. It would be an absolute delight to pack up a bag, grab our passports, and touch down in a stunning locale — no Zoom calls or sweatpants in sight. Until that’s a reality, there’s no harm in a little daydream, right? This stunning luxury villa by French designer Stéphanie Coutas of SC Editions is just the ticket.

While designing this Saint-Tropez property, Coutas wanted to create a new universe, far from the Parisian tumult. The daring interior effortlessly blends playful modern art with bohemian chic decor. She used the opportunity to stage new finishes around natural materials, such as a carved wood wall, brushed marble, and ample raffia and linen. Of course, Coutas made sure to bring the luxury with elegant and refined furnishings as well.

Of course, every design decision was made with one thing at the forefront: the sweeping views of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Might we suggest pouring a glass of rosé before diving into the slideshow for a tour?