Pre-renovation, the home was completely run down,” designer Cara Fox of The Fox Group says of this Holladay, Utah home. “Composed of green stucco exterior, 7.5-foot dark ceilings, 80’s-style finishes, and overall haunted house-like aura, it warranted a full teardown.” Along with her husband Tom, Cara and The Fox Group team got to work on the 18-month project, turning the home into a grand, European-inspired estate complete with a striking two-story kitchen, five bedrooms and bathrooms, modern conveniences, and a glam yet classic aesthetic. 

“The homeowners have very glamorous taste and were keen on having as many wow-factors throughout their home as possible,” Cara recalls. “As a result, we included grand fixtures, vibrant pops of color, and fun patterns wherever we could. This project was actually inspired by an image of a two-story European kitchen, outfitted with massive windows. My goal was to create a space that had the same wow-factor that I saw in this image. I would describe the overall style as European glam, yet classic.” 

Everything was touched, inside and out, resulting in the grandiose, glamorous property the homeowners wanted. Cara tells us more about the design details in the slideshow, but first shares how special the project was. “The first time that the homeowner saw her new home, she cried tears of joy,” she smiles. “To this day, the kitchen takes her breath away every time that she walks in.”