Owned by a fashion professional and a real estate executive, this art-filled Hamptons home is a minimalist’s dream. The team at Workshop/APD took on the interior renovation, while art advisor Barbara Cartategui helped to curate the impressive collection.

“The interiors of the home were designed in stark contrast to the typical Hamptons summer home aesthetic often seen in the area,” Michael Ellison, Workshop/APD’s Director of Interiors, Associate shares. “By leaving the traditional shell of the home intact and reimaging the interiors, visitors are transported into a serene, curated minimalist haven upon entering the home, creating a true escape from the outside world.”

The client dreamed of an ultra-minimalist, all-white home to use year-round. “To this end, the Workshop/APD team broke through the five-bedroom, six-bathroom home’s first floor living room and into the second above to create dramatic double- height ceilings and a soaring, faceted fireplace,” Ellison explains. “The neutral wonderland is entirely white and cream, but the design team deployed a wide range of textures, materials and sculptural furnishings to bring warmth, life, and visual interest to each space.”

Barbara Cartategui joined the conversation right when the family purchased the home, knowing art would play an integral role in bringing depth and character to the minimalist space. “The clients had a very specific vision for the house’s aesthetic interior design, and they decided they wanted to start an art collection which would elevate and enrich the space, design, and environment. It was the first time they had explored acquiring art to both enjoy, but also as an investment versus decorative pieces,” she says. “To start, we looked at an extremely broad range of works and tried to help them understand pricing/valuation and to develop a feel for the type of works that spoke to them. Once we got a general sense for their artistic interests, we started to filter further given the strict criteria that all of the artworks had to be white. We explored different mediums and textures to ensure the collection would stand up to the minimalist décor of the home.”

As Barbara searched for pieces, she reiterated the importance of pieces that would have enough strength or “protagonism” to stand up against the interior design. “Finding artworks made from different mediums enhances the environments and just creates a more rounded selection,” she says.

For a closer look at the design and artworks selected, start the slideshow.