Designer Jenika Kurtz Cuadra bought this house in 2009 and worked with her father, a General Contractor, to completely remodel it themselves. (You may recall when we featured her studio, which went from a “spider shack” to a bright and cheerful office space for her design firm, J. Kurtz Design.)

“It took about four months to complete and it was an amazing experience,” Jenika says of the remodel. “I’ve worked on jobs with my dad my whole life but this time I really got to be involved in everything. I sawed wood for framing, puttied windows, tore out trees, sanded floors, painted and even soldered pipes. It was a long process to get it to where it is today but I’ve been slowly collecting artwork and accessories that mean a lot to me.”

The extra time at home in 2020 gave Jenika a little creative boost, bringing in new decor and accessories to the space. In the slideshow, she tells us a little bit about the renovation of each room and shares a few of her favorite sources.