When Tineke Triggs, founder of Artistic Designs for Living, was hired to transform a 6,000 sq ft San Francisco Edwardian into a home that blends California casual and contemporary sophistication, she knew the modern elements of her design would need to be carefully curated. Tineke says, “The family wanted to keep the warmth and feel of the original Edwardian, but infuse more modern designs, fixtures and furnishings throughout. We had to be careful not to go overboard on the contemporary design elements as we didn’t want anything too modern or cold. This is where layering in textures and different ethnic design elements created wonderful design juxtapositions to keep everything fresh, warm and inviting.”

Many of the art pieces had been collected by the homeowners while living in India and Asia and are quite colorful. So Tineke purposefully kept most of the spaces neutral. She says, “We wanted the backdrop to be light and calm to help showcase the art.”

While neutral, Tineke also brought in interest with creative wallpaper and treatments throughout the home. “Where we didn’t have art, we brought in as much texture as possible.” She explains, “In the dining room we worked with Elan Evans to design a custom wall treatment inspired by the couple’s travels through India. The overall design was inspired by remnants of an Indian tapestry and the mirrored inlay is a nod to the type of mirrored beading found throughout so many Indian designs.”

And in the living room, where the homeowners had originally wanted a very clean white wall to complement their light furnishings, Tineke convinced them to up the ante a bit. “We created an accent wall using a beautiful Phillip Jeffries wall covering that has almost a wood like feel, but more organic. It has wonderful light brown and blush undertones to bring out the blush accents in the room and we love how it keeps the overall design in this space from becoming too flat.”

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