As seen in the Spring 2022 issue of RUE: BFFs Paige DeSorbo, star of Bravo’s Summer House, and interior designer Hollis Loudon Puig joined fashionable forces for a decades-in-the-making collaboration—designing Paige’s glam New York City apartment with a mix of high-end and ultra-affordable pieces.  

“Not your average ‘influencer’s’ apartment.” That was the interior designer’s first declaration when she was tasked with outfitting Paige Desorbo’s midtown Manhattan apartment. Especially because Paige is not just an influencer: She’s a reality television star, a podcast host, and a brand ambassador, for starters. “You see the same apartment all over Instagram—all white with Scandinavian-style elements,” says Hollis, principal designer and owner of Hollis Loudon Interiors. “I was not going to do that as that is not Paige.” And she would know, since she’s been besties with Paige for, well, ever. 

Growing up in upstate New York, “Paige always wanted to be on TV, and I always wanted to be an interior designer,” says Hollis. Fast forward a couple of decades, and the lifelong friends are living out their childhood dreams. In addition to starring on Bravo’s Summer House and Winter House, Paige has become a fashion darling on Instagram and Amazon Live, known for seamlessly pairing luxury pieces with affordable finds. Think an upscale manicure one week, and drugstore press-on nails the following week. Think head-to-toe Zara accessorized with a Prada handbag.  

That high/low ethos became the guiding light for Hollis when designing Paige’s apartment. With more than 900 newly renovated square feet to work with—relatively large for New York City-standards—the space started as an empty shell. While the apartment had beautiful fixtures and a dream layout, it lacked personality. “Paige was looking for a completely fresh start in her first ‘big girl’ apartment,” says Hollis. 

Design-wise, Paige had only one ask. “My main priority with the new design was having Hollis create a better life for my clothing,” Paige says. “I wanted an apartment that was sophisticated and chic and a respite from the outside world, but also a place where I would be comfortable working.” To achieve that, Hollis paired sophisticated with quirky, chic with fun, and high-end items with affordable ones. Mission accomplished. 

Now, when the women’s busy calendars line up and they’re both in New York City, the forever friends pick up right where they left off, lounging on the sofa, chatting, and watching TV. “It is literally like it was when we were teenagers,” says Hollis, “except now we talk about work and life and not who is going to be at the next house party.”