Suncadia, a resort town in the Cascade Mountains, was the perfect locale for an adventurous family of four to build their dream weekend home. Working with Woodridge Custom Homes and interior designer Jessica Nelson, the 5000 square-foot space has a traditional style, but still feels right at home in the mountains with an earthy palette that reflects Suncadia’s natural beauty. Jessica worked with the family to make the space feel deeply personal as well.

The husband is a spine surgeon in Seattle, and the wife a nurse turned stay-at-home mom for the two young boys, and they hoped for a special space to host their family and friends. “They wanted their home to be welcoming, warm, and also kid and family-friendly,” Jessica says. “The bedrooms and bathrooms are also each based on their travels. They are super active and love mountain climbing so each room is based on a climb that they have done.” Jessica even created custom signage-The Highlands, Kilamanjaro, Patagonia-for the doors.

Jessica says, as a designer, while she enjoys renovating existing homes, new builds are great since you’re starting from scratch. “The challenge with new builds is making sure they have the character and warmth of a remodel,” she explains. “Often times we have to stretch a budget farther when it comes to new builds as well since the project is so much larger in scale.”

In the slideshow, she shares a few of her favorite details of the year-and-a-half project.