Interior designer Pallavi Kale is based in Seattle, and often looks to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest for inspiration. For example, as she renovated this early ‘90s home in Redmond, WA for a family of four, she turned to natural materials and finishes that would reflect the beauty of the locale. 

“It’s located in a verdant neighborhood, just 30 minutes outside Seattle,” she says. “The house had been well-maintained but had not been updated since it was built. My clients are a family of four, including two small children. Their goal was to create a living and dining area that felt like a boutique hotel, focusing on creating a perfect space for entertaining. The client had a clear vision for the aesthetics, with a focus on incorporating jewel tones and avoiding beige tones.”

The home has a unique circular layout, which gave Pallavi an opportunity to create a cohesive and functional living space while maximizing the home’s unique features. “The style of the renovated living and dining area, and the powder room, embodies a modern interpretation of the traditional style,” she says. “This was achieved by layering a mix of custom and vintage pieces, seamlessly blending the old with the new. In addition, to accentuate the modern edge of the design, we incorporated mid-century modern lighting elements.”

With tall ceilings, large windows, and wall paneling as a great foundation for the design, Pallavi began by replacing the wall-to-wall carpeting with hardwood floors in a slightly darker stain. This added warmth and depth to the space, which was further enhanced by selecting an ochre-colored fabric for the sofas to complement the blue wainscoting. “We also selected a patterned fabric for the curtains to offset the solid-colored sofas and add visual interest to the room,” she explains. 

The dining room was designed to accommodate eight people comfortably. “The chairs were carefully selected for comfort and style, ensuring guests could sit back and relax during long dinners,” she says. “To address the lack of light fixtures in the space, we installed modern wall sconces and two new chandeliers, which provided both functional and decorative lighting.” 

One of the most notable improvements in the area was the new fireplace and tile surround. “We replaced the old fireplace with a modern metal insert and added Zellige tile for the surround, which added texture and visual interest to the space,” the designer shares. And though small, the powder room was transformed with fixtures and finishes. A fern wallpaper from GP&J Baker is paired with a sleek and modern vanity. “The result was a small but impactful space that made a big statement,” Pallavi says. 

“This renovation was rare in which all moving parts ran smoothly, including the electrical, plumbing, painting, and flooring work,” the designer recalls. “It took about eight months from start to finish. The clients were delighted with the project’s outcome, and we were thrilled to have created a space they would enjoy for years to come. They were particularly impressed with the attention to detail and the saturated color choices throughout the area, making sense of warmth and comfort while reflecting their unique style and taste.”