“This modern prairie home was designed to exist within the landscape,” designer Jill Croka says of her recent Tulsa project, located in the area’s popular Bolewood neighborhood. Her client, an avid art collector, wanted a space that felt warm and welcoming—yet still elevated—with a fabulous indoor/outdoor flow. “We wanted to incorporate the outdoors in all interior spaces on the main floor with a private landscaped vista or a patio and furniture creating many outdoor living areas,” Jill says. 

Accommodating the client’s art collection was also key. She brought in a bevy of gorgeous textures, like Elitis wallpaper, a custom silk and wool Holly Hunt rug, horsehair pendants by Apparatus, and French Beaumonier limestone. The palette is mostly neutral, with occasional dark and moody elements, all serving as the perfect backdrop for paintings and sculptures alike.

The designer actually got her start in a much different career path: psychotherapy. However, it’s served her well in this new chapter. “I believe that our homes should be restorative,” she explains. “Nature, materials, art, and furnishings, all contribute to feelings of comfort or discomfort. I think my background helps when clients have a harder time communicating their desires, or aesthetics, I believe it helps me understand where they are coming from and hopefully, aid in facilitating their goals, needs, and desires.”

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