Located in Houston’s historic Heights neighborhood, this 5,100 sq ft home was built just a few years ago in 2017. This area typically features homes that were constructed in the early 20th or late 19th centuries, with the majority boasting Eclectic Victorian architecture or Craftsman interiors. Enter the designers at the Laura U Design Collective, tasked with helping the new homeowners create a fresh, modern aesthetic while honoring the neighborhood’s past. Oh, and there was a tight timeline too: the project started at the beginning of the pandemic and the family was in the need of a hurried transition into the home. They gave the Laura U team complete creative freedom, resulting in a unique and thoughtful space with bold furnishings, statement lighting, and dramatic wallcoverings.

Tell us about this home. Where is it located? How did the neighborhood influence the design?
This 5,100 sq ft home is located in the heart of the historic Heights neighborhood in Houston, TX. Built only several years ago in 2017, the home is unique to an area where most 

Tell us about the clients. Who lives here? What were their goals/hopes/dreams? Did they have any must-haves (or absolutely nots?)  One of many families to seek out alternative accommodations during the pandemic, LUDC’s Houston Heights clients entered into a hurried transition last year. Due to their quick move, they needed furnishings quickly but didn’t want to compromise on the bold, elevated design they were hoping for. The clients’ primary goal for their home centered around an environment in which to entertain after the cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic lifted. The homeowners allowed the LUDC team wide latitude to design their space. While the couple did not have a fully formed vision for their home, they desired a beautifully designed space to relax and entertain without issue. As such, the team was able to exercise their creativity and ingenuity to find incredible pieces that wowed their clients yet fit in perfectly with the rest of the home’s interior and architecture. 

Design wise, what was the “jumping off point” for the project? In a few words, how do you describe the style?
We always kick-off each project with an in-depth discovery session with homeowners. From there we are able to know how the family lives, what they value, and what functionality they need. With a contemporary exterior, the design goal was to have the interior match the exterior façade. This allowed us to incorporate bold and modern pieces, with a balance between vintage-inspired and of-the-moment pieces. 

This was a quick timeline. What were some of the top challenges with delivering everything in time?
Looking back, we hit a sweet spot where the supply chain wasn’t quite as upended as it is currently. When we did encounter an item with an extended lead time, we were able to pivot and source alternate options that were in stock locally or from trusted vendors with domestic warehouses. This was also the beginning of our team adapting our frequency of communication across the board: internally, with vendors, and with clients. Two and three touch points each week became crucial to understanding where everything stood!     

The home just won an award—congrats! What can you tell us about that?
Yes! Our Heights Modern project recently won an International Design and Architecture Award for Living Space, Americas from design et al. We unfortunately could not attend the London-based awards ceremony due to COVID travel advisories, but we are so honored and celebrated from the states. 

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