After losing their previous home to the devastating tornadoes that ripped through Texas over a year ago, a family of four was longing for a place to put down roots; a new place they could call home. “They enlisted our services to do just that,” interior designer Ginger Curtis shares. “This home is incredibly special to them, and the perspective they have gained for the impact of ‘home’ on their daily lives is huge.” 

One of the couple’s must-haves was to give their two small boys spaces that were nothing short of magical. In the bedrooms and playroom, they wanted to inspired creativity, imagination, and learning at every corner. “The boys’ bedrooms, the playroom, alcoves, and piano/library wall were all designed with this in mind,” Ginger says. There are bunk beds with a hammock strung underneath, and a custom rock-climbing wall designed by Ginger’s firm, Urbanology Designs. 

Knowing her clients’ desires well, Ginger laid a warm, modern foundation and used soft eclectic moments and pops of color to tie it all together. “We call Relaxed Modern,” she says. “Cozy meets clean lines and always approachable.” The new construction project took about 9 months to complete, and the family now has their comfortable home-base. Take a tour in the slideshow.