“This adorably perfect condo in West Hollywood is best described as everyone’s dream pied-a-terre,” designer Haley Weidenbaum shares, “but in actuality it is the home of the very talented and lucky actress Erin Moriarty.” When Erin first purchased the home, she was wooed by its innate charm and character, though she wanted to bring in some more contemporary touches and modern finishes.

The two bedroom condo has a large living room, a kitchen with a dining area, and a dedicated room for an office space. “When I began this job, paint and a small kitchen refresh were the first order of business,” Haley recalls. Though the kitchen footprint wasn’t going to change, the space needed an upgrade. “In order to keep the budget on track we decided to paint the cabinets but replace the countertops, add a backsplash, and new appliances,” Haley says. “The decision to keep the cabinets but only paint was an easy one because they were in pretty good shape but just the wrong color. By adding new hardware and fresh paint we were able to give the cabinets new life.”

Another noteworthy element of this home is its window treatments, sourced from a new company Haley is excited to debut. This summer, she is launching Everhem – an online shop for custom window treatments conceived of by Haley and her husband. “Luckily my clients have been my guinea pigs,” she smiles. “The space’s windows are covered solely with Everhem products, from drapery and hardware to woven wood shades. These products and more will be available on our website this summer.”

The concept for Everhem was a no brainer for the burgeoning designer. “Countless times I saw that my clients were lost and confused when it came to buying custom window treatments. I wanted to solve this problem by creating a simpler way for people to customize and configure beautiful window treatments from a curated set of options. And I wanted to ensure that Everhem’s curate set of options would fit a wide variety of design styles. Our products are timeless and classic and sure to add character to any space.”

Haley’s husband is an investment banker turned graphic designer, so he handled the branding and the business model, while Haley kept her designer hat on to source the best products. “Window treatment is commonly the last thing people think about but it’s so important because it can really transform a space,” she shares. It’s noticeable in this home, as the natural light is one of the highlights of the space. The window treatments both embrace and enhance the naturally airy aesthetic. “We are confident Everhem will change the way people think about and approach custom window treatments.”