Los Angeles-based Hillary Stamm is an “interior designer with a producer’s attention to detail.” She’s a published author and writer and has over ten years of experience working in the movie business, but traded in her love of producing and telling stories for designing her clients’ dream homes. Her talent (and passion!) is reflected beautifully in this Pacific Palisades home.

“This beautiful home is owned by an adorable family with three small kids and a busy lifestyle,” Hillary tells us. “We wanted the house to feel like something they could grow with, so gorgeous but also realistically livable. They wanted that ‘wow factor’ while also being realistic about the fact three littles under five were residing within its walls!” 

When designing the home, Hillary and her client kept coming back to the idea of warm and modern. “She didn’t want it to feel too coastal, too East Coast, but just loads of neutrals and sophisticated warmth,” the designer explains. “I love that idea of California classic design, which is elegant yet understated. The kind of home where you feel mildly obsessed with it when you leave but you can’t exactly pinpoint why! I love that.”

The goal was a six-month redesign, but of course there were a few delays due to the pandemic. “It took us a year,” Hillary admits. “However, we had many moments where pieces came together and we said ‘yes, this is it!’”

Take a tour in the slideshow.