“For each new project, we establish a consistent visual story up front,” designer Joan Enger of J. Patryce Design says. This visual story can vary, based on the client’s wish list, lifestyle, even their stage in life. For this Hoboken duplex, the J. Patryce team was first brought on by the developer (Key Development) to restore the space, selecting finishes and advising on the renovation. Originally a single-family row house, the building had undergone several adaptations, including a bad ‘80s-inspired façade. The contractor was able to carefully remove the stucco without causing harm to the original brick, creating a beautiful blank canvas. “We bumped out the back to create a spacious, light-filled duplex,” Joan shares. “We thoughtfully planned the layout to make use of every inch.”

Once complete, the buyer asked Joan to help fully furnish the space and decorate their new home. “The clients had a reasonable but firm budget and small children, so we knew that we would mixing quality levels, and would be turning to durable materials,” she explains. “They wanted their home to reflect a warm, modern aesthetic with personal touches.”

In the slideshow, Joan shares her favorite design details.