Nestled between the Financial District and Rincon Hill in San Francisco, this home serves as a pied-a-terre for a couple based in Southern California. “They travel often to the Bay for work and wanted a place that feels just like home,” interior designer Jaclyn Christensen says. “Although it’s very different from their main residence they wanted to infuse that urban city culture while still having the comforts of home.”

Their request was that style would meet comfort: modern furnishings that are easy to lounge in and care for, so Jaclyn created a foundation using high performance fabrics, rich texture, and layered colors. “I would describe the style as a modern eclectic chic,” she says. “I think overall the furnishings lend a modern vibe, but there are hints at transitional and even rustic pops giving that eclectic feel as well.”

She focused on the main living space, primary bedroom, and back office. “The main living space had a couple challenges,” Jaclyn admits. “One being the very large and dark TV wall that was already installed. My clients wanted to be sure that watching TV was comfortable and were concerned after visiting many other units that this would end up being problematic.” To solve this, she designed a custom sofa that mimicked the angle of the TV wall. Comfort was prioritized—and then dictated the rest of the layout. The space includes vintage swivel chairs for conversational seating, but that can easily spin around to watch TV. 

The adjacent dining space features darker materials. “The upholstery colors that I chose were meant to bring in depth and richness without taking away from the natural colors of the view,” the designer says. “Rather, we wanted to bring in a feeling on modernity and approachability so that living can truly happen, so that things don’t feel so fine you are afraid to truly relax.”

The primary bedroom serves as a retreat. “I wanted this space to be layered in texture and started with the Phillip Jeffries wallpaper, then custom designed the channel tufted headboard that stretches from wall to wall, providing an almost hotel type of feeling,” Jaclyn explains. “I brought in some black nightstands to anchor the space and then layered the bed with super luxe bedding, pillows, and throws.”

It’s clear walking through the home that layering was key. There are plenty of textures and patterns added through the upholstery, as well as a mix of custom furniture alongside vintage pieces. It’s simply, but significant. “I think the subtle details bring a more high-end look than big, bold design elements,” Jaclyn says.

The project took about a year and the clients were thrilled. “They were shocked by how well we were able to achieve such a successful layout,” she says. “We brought in their love of color and comfort, but it still has the feeling of being in the city. I definitely wow’d them and there is no better feeling!”