Situated just off the Los Angeles coast, a few miles south of Malibu, this 4,000 square foot build is in the heart of the Pacific Palisades. “The space was very much inspired by the quintessential California lifestyle, and features a culmination of raw natural materials, modern earth-toned finishes, and occasional pops of bold and playful vibrancy,” designer Alisha Agrellas Stuart of Honne Studio tells us. 

Her client, Jenney—founder of Collective Media—approached Alisha to design the space, and they quickly established that their ultimate goal was to create a warm and inviting, texturally-diverse home full of communally-inspired gathering spaces that felt clean and fresh, while also simultaneously being resilient and durable when it came to little ones. It was also important that the home was an environment that could also comfortably double as a backdrop for housing the firm’s regular content creation initiatives. “We couldn’t wait to dive into the details of exactly what the growing family of four envisioned for their new space,” Alisha shares. 

The overall essence of the home feels innately California. “The kitchen in general is one of my favorite spaces and definitely serves as the heart of the home,” Alisha says. “It houses so many fun little detail moments like a clean-lined hood and plaster backsplash.” Pops of wallpaper in spaces like the office loft and butler’s pantry, along with intricate millwork and paneling moments throughout add a lot of visual interest. There are also plenty of unique material pairings—like white-washed brick juxtaposed against ultra-modern panda marble and a black statement soak-tub in the primary en-suite bathroom. 

“Ultimately, anything that we incorporated into the space needed to provide longevity and remain rooted in tones that felt approachable, timeless, and most of all, balanced,” Alisha says. “And since work on sourcing for this project hit its stride right around the height of the pandemic, we found ourselves having to pivot and craft more creative solutions in response to the backorder and supply chain issues we were met with. In turn, we ultimately relied much more heavily on one-of-a-kind ‘found’ items and discovered a new slew of talented, local vendors when it came to furnishing and styling.”

The designer says that the project took about a year and a half. “Due to timing on this lining up with the pandemic, our ‘reveal’ was much more layered in nature, with our clients right there with us through it all!”

Take a tour in the slideshow.