One of the most important elements in this home’s design was the budget.  Shannon McLaren of Prairie Interiors was careful to mix high with low for a custom look she knew her clients would love. “This was their first home together and they wanted to be sure their budget was allocated appropriately,” she shares. “Materials ranged in price, and we mixed premium products with more budget friendly options.  They were a little nervous about those items that were in the budget category, but when they saw the final finished product, the mix was so seamless, it was difficult to tell which was which.”

The clients, a young Orange County couple, wanted a clean, modern home with warm, collected moments. “The new husband and wife clients purchased this home to make it their own,” Shannon says. “However, they had conflicting, yet complementary styles. The husband loves clean lines, modern finishes and minimal color. The wife has a more free-spirited nature to her and loved unique finishes with warm colors. Together the result of the project reflects their combined tastes very well.”

Shannon and her team drew inspiration from Bali and decided to work with a limited color palette—mostly white and neutral with pops of terracotta. The main living area includes the living room, dining room, and kitchen, and features exaggerated high ceilings with a view out to the lush green yard and turquoise pool.  “As open as the space is, it does not seem overwhelming,” the designer explains. “It is inviting and warm, and has the vibe of a hotel you never want to leave, but the warmth of a home.”

In the primary bath, a handmade Zellige tile offers a feminine sheen, which is a nice contrast to the geometric molded terracotta wall tiles. “Because we were working with a limited color palette, we knew texture play was going to be important to add movement and life to the project. We found ways to add texture to each room,” she says. “The view from the bathtub is unreal, as there is a large slider that opens to a private courtyard letting in plenty of natural light and fresh air.”

The project took about 10 months, and grew as they were in construction. “Once we started removing walls, new ideas spanned,” the designer laughs. “The clients were so happy with the final project.”