When this Dallas home was damaged by a tornado in 2019, designer Juliana OIiveira was given the chance to not only restore it—but create a space that would perfectly reflect her clients. Her firm, Beyond Interior Design, got to work creating a sophisticated and modern space, and though it has plenty of clean lines, it’s still quite warm and welcoming. 

Since the family of five wanted to get the most use of out each room, Juliana made sure the home was highly functional and durable. Beyond that, however, she went above and beyond to incorporate their Korean heritage. By highlighting inherited artwork on the walls and adding restored pieces of furniture, their culture is incorporated into each room beautifully, creating a truly bespoke space they’re happy to call home. The designer tells us more. 

We’d love to know a bit more about the house. Where is it located?
This traditional Texas builder house was impacted by one of Dallas’ tornados in 2019 and once the renovations were complete, we transformed it into a sophisticated, modern luxurious family home infused with their Korean heritage. The home is nestled in Dallas’ Preston Hollow neighborhood. When we took on this project, we made sure that the renovation budget and design were aligned for the real estate market.

Tell us about your clients. Who lives here? What were their priorities for the space? 
This family of 5 is actually returning clients of ours. About 3 years ago, they hired us to do a significant remodel and modernize the home. This time around they wanted to add in the furnishings and decor details to finish off each space. However, when they were impacted by the tornado, we had to redo all the finished spaces before starting the furnishing and detail work. 

Our clients love a clean modern aesthetic with a neutral palette that embodies sophistication with feminine touches. They wanted the design to be intentional with unique pieces that told a story especially those that celebrated their Korean heritage and incorporated geometric shapes. As a close-knit family, they requested that we keep in mind that within each space they would want it to be a place they can gather and enjoy. Especially, since the pandemic sparked during the process – maximizing the functionality of the home was very important.

You kept a lot of the original architectural elements but brought a softness to the space. How did you achieve this?
We dressed the walls in a soft white throughout the house as it lets the personal selections to stand out such as the curtains, rugs, etc. We also made sure to incorporate curves and roundness through the light fixtures and doorknobs and integrated a natural median tone wood within each space. 

Finally, you made sure the home would be family friendly. What can you tell us about the choices here?
As this family of 5 continues to spend time at home, functionality and durability was essential for all fabrics. Within each room, we placed Perennial luxury fabrics since it offers the best in quality fabrics for fine drapery and upholstery.

See more + snag some of Juliana’s sources in the slideshow.