Designer Justine Alexandra Dunk—founder & creative director of Toronto’s Justine Alexandra Design—faced a unique challenge in the design of this luxury home overlooking Lake Ontario. “My clients are a close-knit multigenerational family–a mother and daughter who are successful business professionals, along with the daughter’s husband and their four young children,” she says. They reached out with the hopes of a major addition that would accommodate their unique family’s daily life, while also serving as a hub for their large extended family to gather. 

Scott Shields Architects handled the architectural design, Elite Construction did the build, and Justine was hired for the interiors, furnishings, and styling. “The addition was to include formal living, dining, and bar areas for parties and special occasions,” she explains. “The large ground floor addition included a principal bedroom suite for the young couple, and the second story addition includes a luxury private living quarters for the mother.”

 Style-wise, the clients wanted something elegant, timeless, and sophisticated—without anything too fussy. “The mother loves bold marbles and curved details while the daughter has an appreciation for artisanal materials and neutral palettes,” Justine says. “They pretty much let me run wild with the interiors!”

Blending the two spaces to feel like one cohesive home proved challenging at times. “The flooring in the new addition to the house had to be blended with the existing flooring in the original home as the space is open concept,” Justine recalls. “And of course, the existing flooring product had since been discontinued. We worked with the flooring fabricator Stone Tile to produce a custom color match to the existing floors, taking into account the effects of aging of the older floor over time. It took a few tries and much patience on everyone’s part to get it right, but the final product was seamless and worth everyone’s efforts!”

Justine walks us through the one-year project in the slideshow and credits t”he team for its success. “Thanks to an incredibly efficient team of builders, architects and a super responsive and decisive client we turned it around in record time,” she shares. “The client was thrilled when she saw the finished space!”