A case of decision fatigue led a young couple to Lindsay Marcus and Allison Pierce of Marcus Pierce Collective. After making it about halfway through the renovation of their home—with a very capable builder at the helm—they realized that designer expertise could bring the project across the finish line, creating a warm and inviting home that would be livable, stylish, and somewhat whimsical and fun. Lindsay and Allison got to work picking paint colors, furniture schemes, upholstery, layouts, lighting, custom furniture, other soft furnishings, and built ins. 

The home is in the Rossmoyne neighborhood of Glendale, California—an area that once was a beautiful olive grove. “It is one of our favorite neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area,” the designers say. “It has beautiful parks and many gorgeous 1920s Spanish homes.” 

For the aesthetic foundation, the pair relied on many of the family’s furniture and art—a beloved family heirloom oil painting in the eat-in kitchen, and a game table paired with mid-century chairs from Etsy and a Blueprint Lighting swing arm sconce. 

In the grand scheme of things, the project ran very smoothly. The clients moved in while the project was still underway, and lived with an evolving design until the home was just right. “Perhaps the most aggravating issue were some delays in custom furniture,” the pair says. “But the clients were patient with the process, and the end result was great.”