Located in the heart of Hoboken, NJ, this condo is just one train stop away from lower Manhattan. “It’s situated on the top two floors of a brownstone on one of the most desirable streets in the neighborhood with gorgeous natural light and charm,” designer Elaine Thompson says. “Because it is in such an urban area, it was key to maximize space for the couple who lives (and works!) in the space day in and out. It had to serve as a soothing home-base and respite from city life.”

Elaine, who is the lead designer at Pistachio Designs, was tasked with injecting the space with color and personality, not to mention a bit of whimsy. “The best way I can describe the couple that lives in this apartment is FUN,” she laughs. “They were renting their previous home together and were excited about making this new space their own.”

As Elaine began work on the preliminary design concept, she included some colorful, funky wallpapers in her presentation to get everyone thinking outside of the box. “They immediately gravitated to one design in particular – the tiger & fauna wallpaper that was used in the powder room,” she says. “Aligning on that one element, in a bit of a serendipitous way, was the perfect jumping off point.” The rest of the home came together beautifully and is eclectic, contemporary, and colorful. 

The project was quick–only about 6 months–but was unique in that it was completed right in the thick of Covid-19 restrictions and the lockdown in New York City. “I didn’t even meet this couple in-person until the project was completed and we were photographing it,” Elaine recalls. “Communication was absolutely key, and my clients were so involved in the process and were more than happy to receive orders and oversee the GC’s completing the renovation work. I truly feel so lucky to have worked with such trusting, organizing, and understanding people!”

The designer shares more in the slideshow.