Located along the river in Fargo, North Dakota, this home was carefully designed by Lindsey Grace Interiors to accommodate a young family’s lifestyle. “The clients wanted a home that was new and truly theirs, but loved the idea of an established neighborhood,” principal designer Lindsey Christie says. “This led them to purchasing an existing home in one of the most desirable locations and doing a full remodel down to the studs.”

Lindsey took a careful look at the family’s daily routines—from mealtimes to bedtime—and crafted a design that would ensure everything flowed smoothly. “We looked at how their routines work nicely for them now, and also how they may change as the family grows since they plan to be in this home for the long run,” she says. 

A few examples that clearly make life easier include laundry rooms on the main level and the upper level, to avoid hauling laundry up and down the stairs and maximize functionality. “We also made use of existing space beneath the staircase as a wine cellar in close proximity to the lower-level bar,” she says. “We kept the children’s spaces separate from the main living spaces but in close proximity to their bedrooms with an upper play loft.”

Materials were carefully selected as well. “We of course wanted to keep the home timeless but the homeowners are a young family and were up for some fun when it came to finishes,” Lindsey shares. “The home naturally feels very grand with the high ceiling details and traditional formal foyer area, but we wanted to keep the home from feeling too stuffy and more approachable. We incorporated pops of color in the cabinetry, fun hardware details like the leather pulls on the green cabinets, and some of the best lighting fixtures from Visual Comfort, Regina Andrews, and Currey & Co. We also utilized Cambria countertops in a few different areas, like the kitchen and master bathroom. These bring really unique and interesting patterns into the space.”

The project took about 18 months from start to finish, and was rewarding for all parties involved. “It’s fun to see the clients living in and enjoying their spaces, and of course seeing the kids grow up in the spaces that were so carefully thought out,” the designer smiles. “The homeowners youngest son was only 3 months old when the project first began and tagged along to several design meetings, so it’s really special to see how he truly grew up with his home!”