Woodside, California is a charming, quiet town that’s surrounded by redwoods. “On a clear day, Half Moon Bay can be seen through the trees,” designer Evgenia Merson says. It’s here that her clients, a young couple, opted to buy their first house—escaping the busy city lifestyle they were used to. “The neighborhood inspired us with a color direction and understanding the type of materials and texture we would want to use throughout the house,” the designer explains.

Fortunately, the house was in great condition—the previous owners had taken great care, so the primary bathroom was the only space that needed a big renovation. “The design direction was clear from the start – maximize the natural light and views, renovate the outdated bathroom, and design main spaces with an aesthetic inspired by the beauty of North California,” Evgenia shares. 

They used a variety of furnishings, but for the main pieces, chose to go with local California makers. “Supporting the story and people behind every piece became even more meaningful during the tough pandemic times,” Evgenia reflects. “We made a point to take this approach through the whole design process.”

In the living area, they took advantage of the floor-to-ceiling windows and incredible view by placing two lounge chairs facing it, along with a custom record station. On the opposite side of the room is a large custom L-shape sofa from Clad Home, facing both the fireplace and the TV area thanks to its shape. The dining area, separate from the living space, includes casual materials like an oak wood dining table and a thin metal light fixture by lambert & fils.

The primary suite is located on the upper level, with a beautiful leather bed by Croft House. “We wanted to make it feel serene, filled with natural materials to emphasize the connection with nature through two big windows,” Evgenia recalls. “We went with a 10′ long walnut vanity with ample storage and an integrated laundry basket to add contrast to the space.” The decision to paint the bedroom in foggy olive color came at their initial walk through the house. It was a quick transformation that emphasized the view from the bay window and also helped blend the space with the surrounding nature. 

The project, including the bathroom renovation, took about 10 months to complete. “The clients were absolutely delighted with the complete look and appreciated every corner in the house even more,” the designer smiles. “We are staying in touch and they often share images of their favorite areas during different times of the day.”