Carly Waters’s clients for this project brought her in before they even officially purchased the home. The Cape Cod was in escrow and the homeowners-to-be wanted to be sure Carly saw potential. She says, “I gave it my design blessing. The home had such great original bones, and an open floor plan that didn’t require removal of any walls (which complicates everything). They tasked me with creating their ‘forever home’ and allowed me to take the reins. While we left the original footprint of the kitchen and bathrooms, everything was updated and modernized.”

A former family law attorney, Carly focuses on functional spaces that prioritize organization. For the fun couple in their late 30s with 2 young boys, Carly created a home that is clean and minimal, but still warm. The key is texture. “The more organic natural textures you can bring in–think wood, linen, knits–the warmer the space will feel. I LOVE white but in order to do white well, you have to balance it with natural elements. As a die-hard minimalist, I favor using everyday objects to help style a space–think brass salt/pepper shakers, ceramic bowls for bright colored fruit and wood cutting boards. I also am a big fan of using greenery to warm up a space (what’s better than clipping branches in your own back yard?).”

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