In Austin, Texas, this home is a bit more modern than its neighbors in the (mostly) traditional Barton Creek neighborhood. It’s a new construction, and interior designer Annie Downing was brought on to help the homeowners create a bold, textural space. 

“I met these clients over eight years ago,” Annie shares. “The husband is a builder whom I was collaborating with on a project. He and his wife took me to dinner and asked me to help them with their own home. They wanted my help to create a cohesive home: Incorporating texture, various finishes, and minimal color.”

The couple wanted to honor the lush, green foliage that Barton Creek is known for, and integrated a similar vibe both outside and in. “Keeping with the exterior design, we sought to maintain a clean, minimal, organic feel throughout the home,” Annie says. 

There are quite a few “wow” moments throughout the home. In the kitchen, a creamy Zellige backsplash allows the light to dance throughout the room. “I love the imperfections and the character of the tile,” the designer says. In the nearby living room, a varied mix of modern furniture pieces create a comfortable foundation, but the unique selections introduce different levels and shapes while still creating a cohesive effect. 

The house also boasts an epic bar. “We used brass as a backsplash and countertop. The brass feels luxe but isn’t fussy. It will patina over time, enriching the space,” Annie explains. “The sitting area adjacent to the bar is a great space as well. It’s comfortable and cozy and people love to gather there.”

The project took a little over a year. “These clients move fast! They are experienced, decisive, and trusting,” Annie smiles. “That’s not to say we agreed on everything, but they were receptive and open. When we wrapped the project, they loved it and said that it was better than they could have imagined. Isn’t that the point after all?”