We are so excited to share our summer issue, on newsstands now!  

We’re available at fine retailers near you, including Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods, Walmart, CVS, Fred Meyer…anywhere that sells your favorite magazines! For a digital copy, we are now available on PressReader. We hope you enjoy the issue. Here’s an excerpt from our Editor-in-Chief, Kelli Lamb:

Though spring usually gets the credit for “new beginnings,” I’ve always found summer to be the electrifying new start I crave. Perhaps it was my childhood schedule—my mom was an elementary school principal, so I really got to bask in the glow of the “off” season. To me, the longer days symbolize an opportunity to completely step away from our usual routines and shake things up a bit. Laugh deeply. Live fully. Do all the wonderfully sappy, sentimental things you might find on a hand-painted sign in a lake house your family has been going to for decades. While responsibility will still call and routines will likely stay in place, we can take that same feeling of freedom into the exciting months ahead. 

I am especially feeling those fresh-start vibes this year. The world is slowly opening up again, small businesses are welcoming customers back, friends and families are gathering—with a few joyful tears and a lot of hugs, I might add. It’s a new beginning, fueled by the challenging year (and then some) we’ve all collectively experienced. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, now is the time to really live again, to deeply connect with our communities, and to deeply connect with ourselves. In this new chapter, I hope to live in a way that brings tremendous joy. 

We kept that mindset on the forefront as we put together this issue. Once again, I’m hopeful that the breadth of styles will satiate all design lovers—there’s a color-soaked San Francisco pad, a modern, monochromatic home in Toronto, a historic Seattle space that’s dark and moody, a playful North Carolina beach house, and pretty much everything in between. However, the common thread is that each space was designed with a very specific lifestyle in mind, unique only to those who live there. Will this home be a place of joy? Will everything in it have meaning?

I hope you’ll take that spirit into your own homes, and as a nod to those younger years of freedom and afternoons signing yearbooks, *H.A.G.S.

*Have a great summer,