If you’re a fan of Rue, then you’ve certainly seen the work of photographer Amy Bartlam many times before. She’s one of the industry’s top talents, shooting with celebrated designers across the country. Though she’s based in California, Amy was born and raised in England — in a past interview, we talked about her education in the UK and her professional career in California.

This fall, she’s making a longtime goal a reality by launching a fine art print shop. Though Amy’s a world traveler, much of the collection focuses on the natural beauty of the United States. She captured the otherworldly vibes of Joshua Tree, impressive landscapes at Glacier National Park, sweeping scenes on Catalina Island, classic coastal views near Big Sur, and more. (Each piece is beautiful on its own, and many would work well side by side or in a gallery wall.) We had a virtual chat with Amy to learn more:

Tell us about the print shop. What inspired you to launch it, and can you explain a bit about the collection of images you’ve chosen to include and why?
It’s something that’s been bubbling away in the back of my mind since I was at art school but have always put off because of ‘not having enough time’! Then back in January, I was setting goals for the year with some friends and decided it was time to make it happen. They helped me figure out what steps I needed to take in order to set it up. When the pandemic hit, I got gifted the time I’d always said I didn’t have to do it! 

My boyfriend and I are big fans of road-tripping so my archives are packed with images of places like Yellowstone, Tahoe, Big Sur and Joshua Tree – it seemed logical to launch the shop with these great American landscapes, plus a few from my native England of course.

You’ve long photographed interiors professionally. When did you first discover your love of travel photography?
It was really when I moved to the US and started going on road trips that got me into travel photography! I’ve always taken cameras everywhere with me anyway, I think it became engrained in me when I was studying photography that you never know when an opportunity might arise to create a great photo! So I’m that person that takes 3 cameras with me on vacation, and I’ve always loved travel so I suppose it was inevitable! The dawn of instagram also meant I was looking at lots of travel photographers work and getting inspired from that too.

Tell us a bit about the shopping process. Can folks choose their size or is it fixed, and will you offer framing?
The prints are available in 5 sizes from 8×10 up to 24×36. I am also offering custom sizes and large scale prints which people can contact me about directly. I’m not currently offering framing.

We have to ask… Do you have a favorite print?
Yes, at the moment I think it’s the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone ones. It was just such a magical experience and I love the scale of it!