Designer Angeline Hall of Angeline Guido Design had been searching for the perfect property outside of Dallas and was thrilled to discover the ideal lot—nearly an acre of land, surrounded by ranch land and boasting hilltop views. She partnered with her father, who happens to run C. Guido Construction, to develop the original plans. From there, she had free reign to design a dream home. The space is a modern “quasi-country” home and was designed for entertaining—each space featuring room for guests to gather and kids to play. The interiors are a celebration of her own style, with a curated collection of vintage and family treasures acquired over time. She tells us more about her own home, and what it was like to step away from client work for her own space:

Tell us about your home. Where is it located? What do you love most about the neighborhood? 
We built our home in 2020 in a sweet little suburb about 25 miles northeast of downtown Dallas called Heath. The topography in our neighborhood is stunning, with rolling hills and quite a few ranch properties surrounding it. Our home sits up on a hill, on just shy of an acre, which allows beautiful views of the surrounding ranch properties from our front porch. At any time, we can see and hear cattle in the distance. 

I grew up in the city, while my husband grew up in the country on 400 acres, so we get the best of both worlds out here. It is incredibly safe and quiet, and while driving home from work in Dallas every day, I pass farmland and agriculture toward the end of my commute. I call it quasi-country life; it gives you a sense of calm. While the traffic to and from Dallas isn’t always ideal for me or my husband, it’s worth it to live outside of the city. We have fostered so many amazing relationships as a family with other families in our area, especially in our immediate neighborhood. This town is just filled with good people.

How did you decide to build something new, versus renovating an existing property?  
I had been looking for a home to renovate or land to build on in our area for a few years before I happened upon the lot we bought. I came out to our neighborhood to look at a house to potentially purchase and renovate, but as I was driving around to get a feel for the area, I saw our lot with a “for sale by owner” sign on it. It wasn’t even on the market. It’s at the end of a cul-de-sac, and as I rolled up on it, I immediately knew it was the one. I first called my husband and then my dad, who is a home builder. They came out the next day to take a look, and we quickly started plans for building with my dad.

What were some of the biggest challenges?  
Running the project myself was a huge challenge. My father built the shell of the house by taking it to sheetrock, and then I took over after that with all my finish-out subcontractors. Running a business with paying clients and running your own job site is a tremendous struggle because my job always came last; therefore, it took much longer. At the time, I was also a contractor and ran construction on many of our projects, which I gladly no longer do for many reasons. So, my subcontractors were on my other jobs that were constantly taking priority over my own house. You know the saying, ‘the cobbler’s kids have no shoes’? That was the situation. Ultimately, the job got done, and we love our house, so it was all worth it.  We certainly also saved a lot of money by managing it ourselves.

How long did the project take? 
About 15 months, which is about 3-5 months longer than it should have taken for the size and complexity of my home. 

Do you find designing for yourself tougher (or easier) than client work? 
It’s absolutely more challenging because I know too much, and I like too many things. It is so much easier to make decisions for someone else because the emotional impact of those decisions is removed when it isn’t your own home. Also, my taste is ever evolving, so it was tough for me to commit to making decisions about cabinetry and finishes that are more permanent. I had to utilize my staff for some design elements where I felt a bit paralyzed, so that was very helpful. 

Going through the process myself made me value what we can offer clients as a service to make the process of building and renovating more fun and not so overwhelming. Growing up with builders as parents, we moved a lot, and it was fun for me to live in houses with different floor plans and styles, so part of me is ready to build and start all over again! 

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