Not all spaces that look stylish and put-together have been given huge budgets. For this family of four, their grandmother’s home came on the market and was too important to them to pass up. But it needed a major makeover. With just a shoe-string budget, designer Lada Webster of Squarefoot Interior Design was able to transform this petite 1920’s small home into a photograph ready space.

Most of the budget went into the interior renovation itself, something that they did in stages. What you are seeing here is the completed upstairs attic converted into a spectacular loft/master bedroom. While they were renovating the downstairs, they needed Lada to furnish the upstairs.

Shopping smart was key to getting this project done. Lada used stores like Wayfair and Target to find some key pieces. She made sure that the space was light and bright (the best ingredients for making a small space feel larger) and added window seat cushions that could be used as floor seating. She hung throws on the wall to create a graphic focal point and serve as an inexpensive option for wall-art. What’s Lada’s best advice for decorating a small space? Simplification: “keep it simple and minimal because you shouldn’t have to dig to find the beauty.”