“The homeowners are a young, creative and ambitious couple from Fair Haven, NJ,” designer Colleen Rosar says of her most recent design clients. “Christine is a wonderful mom to their two children. Chris owns a band merchandising company with offices in New York, Nashville and Los Angeles.” When Colleen first met the couple, they had just purchased their home and had a totally clean slate to work with.

“After I meet with clients, it is pretty easy to get a read on what they like and dislike,” Colleen shares. “Christine and Chris were great to work with because they knew what they liked and weren’t afraid to tell us, but at the same time, they trusted the design process.”

Colleen says one thing is always consistent with her projects: “I want to design a space that is true to my clients, their lifestyle and personalities. There is always a part of me and my style that comes through in each project, but is just as important for their style to come through as well.” The finished product is a great representation of the couple through Colleen’s eyes: “It’s monochromatic, lots of grays, blacks and whites with pops of pinks, soft coral, metal, wood and bright white walls,” she says.

Though making the home beautiful is always at the forefront, the designer is keenly aware that a home is meant to be lived in. “I like to use materials and fabrics and that with stand up to the busy lives of families,” she explains. “I’ll use a Crypton protected fabric, or I will have NanoTex applied. I have seen it work, and it is life saver. For adults and kids! That paired with metals, woods and glass is my core for design. I like punches of color. Contrast. I shy away from anything that looks muddy in terms of fabric.”

This project took approximately 18 months from start to finish. “We continued to add rooms as went we went along,” Colleen concludes. “Which I always enjoy, because it means the clients are happy, they are enjoying the process and the outcome.”