Jeremiah Brent has one busy schedule. The talented designer has a full client roster, hosts the OWN Network’s Home Made Simple, and recently faced a cross-country move, leaving New York City for the sunny skies of Los Angeles. Of course, it’s not all business — he and husband Nate Berkus welcomed (adorable) daughter Poppy in 2015. And with their forthcoming TLC series, Married to Design, things are only getting better — and busier — from here.

Luckily, Jeremiah has help — in the form of Tandem Entertainment. Run by sisters Libby Bush and Kelsey Berlacher, the LA-based management team has been helping the designer take his business to the next level. However, after a recent visit to their Santa Monica headquarters, he realized their office space was in need of a little facelift. Tandem had grown so quickly, aesthetics were sadly set aside and Jeremiah knew it just wouldn’t do. He got right to work transforming the cluttered space into a fresh and functional office. And with a few of Nate’s pieces from Target setting the scene, this is one enviable workspace. We sat down with Jeremiah to learn more:

Hi Jeremiah! It’s obvious you have a great relationship with Tandem Entertainment. How do you know Libby and Kelsey?
Libby and Kelsey are sisters, and Libby and I have been the best of friends for over 10 years now. When Libby decided to leave the corporate world last year to start her own company I knew instantly we should work together. It’s been amazing to collaborate with two people who are both my friends as well as professional powerhouses.

We’d love to know more about their business. Can you speak to the quick growth they’re experiencing?
Libby and Kelsey are an incredibly dynamic duo. Tandem Entertainment is a hybrid of sorts: they do everything from marketing to creative services and strategic alliances for individuals, major corporations and film studios (such as Disney). Yet somehow, they find time for me! But in all seriousness, they’ve been managing and helping me grow my business for about a year and a half now, and it has been amazing and incredibly beneficial.

Tell us about the office. What was the condition of the space at the start?
Honestly, the space was a mess — truly where furniture went to die. They used to work while sitting around Libby’s old dining table, with a daybed in the corner from her daughter’s nursery. It was just a hodgepodge of old, unwanted furniture from Libby’s home. Luckily, the space had so much potential and the setting is absolutely serene. We just needed to make it feel and function like a real business, which required us to haul out everything and start from scratch.

How did you decide on a vision for the design?
I really wanted something that reflected the two of them. The space needed to feel feminine but powerful, fresh but timeless, comfortable but professional. We wanted to keep a light, neutral palette as the foundation for the space, and build it up with textural pieces and accents of bright colors and metallics.

Were there any ‘must-haves’ that the girls needed for the office to work for them?
The space needed to be fully functional for them — they needed it to function as a space to work, to hold meetings, and to relax during rare moments of downtime. They also wanted to make sure that it contained everything they needed without feeling cluttered. As a solution, I used pieces that could do double duty — the bookshelves store office supplies, but also showcase accessories and decor.

We see a lot of gorgeous items from Nate’s Target collection. Do you have any favorites?
Nate’s current Target collection is absolutely gorgeous, so picking favorites almost seems unfair to the other pieces! If pressed, I’d have to say that I’m absolutely in love with all of his throw pillows. He has a knack for creating pieces that can blend effortlessly into anyone’s design aesthetic. I also think that his office supplies are some of the choicest options out there.

What are your top 3 design tips for creating a functional, beautiful home office?
1. Start with a simple palette for furniture and use beautiful decor (lamps, accessories, even rugs!) to add the personality.

2. Decide on your priorities for the space first, and be honest about your needs! A lot of people will forgo comfortable seating in a home office because they want to make sure that they are constantly working. But sometimes, having that loveseat or great armchair to relax in will make you more productive in the end. Plus, it’s a great excuse to incorporate a beautiful throw or some pillows.

3. Don’t be afraid of open storage, and use great containers to organize unsightly papers and office supplies. A gorgeous bookshelf is always preferable to tall, oversized metal filing cabinet, and you can achieve the same level of organization using baskets, vintage bins, or wooden crates.