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Designer Nicole Salceda of Eye for Pretty had her heart set on this home long before it even went up on the market. “Our home is located in a neighborhood I had always dreamed about living in,” she explains. “There are lots of great families, we are​ ​close to our kids school and there is a general feeling of happiness that surrounds it.” A friend who lived there messaged her that a neighbor was looking for moving boxes on NextDoor. “I reached out to her right away,” Nicole laughs. “Luckily she was willing to show us the house off market and the next week we were in contract. This August is two years living here and in that time we’ve accomplished so much.”

Though the neighborhood was perfect, the house wasn’t quite there yet. It lacked curb appeal — a large deck was located off the second story in the front of the house, which Nicole and her husband didn’t care for. Inside, almost everything was original from the 70s. After seeing the home in person, they stopped at a neighborhood park. “Our kids ran around and me and my husband talked on the park bench,” Nicole recalls. “Yes it needed a lot of work. Yes it was more than we wanted to spend. But oh my gosh, yes. It had the potential to be our forever home in a place we had always dreamed of raising our kids. We took the leap and never looked back.”

The family lived in the house for about 6 months before beginning renovations. Nicole wisely wanted to see what worked for their lives, and what they could improve on. “I brought on a great architect, Eric Shephard to help bring my vision to life. Dan Miks of DKM construction took those plans and executed it all beautifully,” she tells us. “We leveled floors, took out a big wall in the kitchen which allowed us to open everything up and see from one end of the house to the other, and improved on the overall flow of the house.”

Pulling up to the house now, the first thing you notice is the new board and batten that replaced the brown stucco. They also replaced the red tile roof, updated the deck railing, and added black windows and doors – which really stand out against the white house. “That deck that me and my husband both hated when we pulled up to the house? Well​,​ that has become one of my favorite elements of the house,” Nicole smiles.
My contractor and I designed the x railing detail and added the tempered glass to meet code. Pretty soon my jasmine vines will be in full bloom up there as well.”

In the slideshow, Nicole takes us on a virtual tour, sharing tidbits about the process and spilling details on some of the special features. Though the end result is beautiful, it’s not to say it was challenge-free. “My biggest challenge was being my own worst client! There are so many things I love, I had a hard time deciding what to pick. Do I want black windows? Or white windows? Some black, some white? My followers on Instagram were probably so tired of me waffling back and forth,” the designer concludes. “In the end, I love how everything came together but that’s not to say it was an easy path.”