Just minutes from downtown Austin, TX, this new-build by architect Matt Garcia and built by Roost Construction is on a sprawling park-like lot. The clients, business owners and parents of two, moved into this new home with furniture from their smaller-scale bungalow they’d inhabited for years and recently sold. “While they were excited about their new house, they were used to living in the older bungalow with inherent charm and character,” designer Liz MacPhail says. She was brought on to help translate their style in the new space. “Living in a newly constructed home was an entirely new experience for them. Additionally, the scale of this new house—more square footage, soaring ceilings, and an open concept—felt expansive to them and, to top it off, their furniture wasn’t the right size for the new spaces. The slightly ‘off’ feeling caused by the scale made it difficult to feel settled in their new home. She, in particular, was struggling with their decision to move on from their bungalow. She wanted more color, for things to feel ‘finished,’ and to find a way to bring some personality into the beautiful new home so it would feel like theirs.”

Initially, Liz says she wanted to add patina to the home to bring a bit of “age” to each room, encouraging the clients to seek out vintage pieces that would bring counter-personality to the crisp architecture. “They are very fun and wanted to be fearless when it came to color and pattern, so we embraced that as a jumping-off point as well,” she explains. “The most important work for us in starting this project was really in the programming of the furniture layout—making sure that we were sizing the furniture to feel balanced in the open concept spaces—that felt sprawling when combined with the tall ceilings. It was really a blank canvas in the truest sense with tall white walls that needed to be balanced using properly scaled furniture and art.”

In the slideshow, the designer shares a bit more about the project, which was completed fairly quickly “Because it was 2019 B.C. (before COVID) when we started the project, combined with the massive dose of trust they offered us, the project from start-to-install only took six months to complete, including the vintage, sourced, and customized pieces.” For the grand reveal, the couple’s son took his mom through each room with a dramatic “hands-over-her-eyes” reveal. “She was ecstatic,” Liz smiles. “It was really rewarding to hear how much she loved it, and that their kids did too. She told us a week later, ‘This house finally feels like home.’ Best. Compliment. Ever.”