This property in Burr Ridge, IL has a long history. The retired homeowner raised her family on this lot, in a different house, before moving to Chicago for a decade. She eventually tore the old house down, and when no one bit on the large two acre parcel, she decided it was time to be done with city life and opted to build her dream home. “The goal was a modern(ish) sprawling ranch, with all the amenities to make aging life easy, have room to display her art from world travels, plus entertaining space for her kids and grandkids to visit and stay, while still allowing her to have her own private space,” designer Amy Storm shares.

Along with Bill McNaughton of McNaughton Builders, architect Patrick Fortelka of Moment Design, Amy and designer Kelsey Demetralis of Amy Storm & Company brought the vision to life. “The homeowner has an eclectic art collection from traveling the world. She wanted a timeless yet somewhat modern backdrop to display her special pieces and match the architecture of the home. She had very specific needs for each space and once those were met in the programming, she gave us the reigns to design,” Amy shares. “The spaces are softly colorful, warmly inviting, simply decorated with fine pieces, collectables and antiques. The rooms tell a story of where she has been, the things she has seen and where she might go next.”

The project took about a year and a half, and the designers take us through each detail in the slideshow. As for the client? “She loves the home so much. She was extremely thankful and happy with the final result and every time we post a photo on social media, we see her respond with a note about how much she loves the room,” Amy smiles.