Talk about a major makeover! When designer Crystal Sinclair first saw this home in Rye, NY, it was pretty basic. The two story property was a bit Colonial, with a typical stone fireplace and a builder-grade kitchen. The living and dining area were beige, empty spaces with the exception of a green sofa — a piece that would ultimately be the starting point for the entire design plan. “The clients, Shetal and Ravi Mehta loved my design eye and playful, bold aesthetic and wanted something similar,” Sinclair recalls. “A little bold and edgy while classic.”

At the first walkthrough of the home, Sinclair knew that the living room would be grey. “It’s so weird how a room speaks to you, telling you what it wants to be,” she laughs. Playing off of the green sofa, the transformation started coming to life. As you enter the home, you’re greeted with a strong, geometric console, whimsical Drop It Modern wallpaper, and an organically round mirror. The eye travels upward to the striped ceiling–a bold choice that adds dimension to the space. There’s a new marble-like fireplace surround with a convex mirror above, which shows off the stripes and displays a funky fishbowl reflection of the room.

To the right, the living room opens up to the dining area. Here, Sinclair really showcased her unique perspective by using two tables, built-in banquettes, and plaster fluted walls. “It really allows ample seating while also creating two different spots if needed for game night or adult/kid tables when hosting for friends or family,” she shares. When the lights are on, they cast beautiful shadows, highlighting the unexpected dimension of the walls.

In the kitchen, Sinclair relied on the existing white cabinets, yet still completely transformed the space. She added additional modern black cabinets with durable honed granite tops, and a honed black marble splash. “The room feels spacious with its open, rounded shelving,” she quips. “I can’t stand open corners of shelves. Rounding them really gives the shelf closure.”

The family room has an L-shaped sectional, and a beautifully bright Linda Colletta painting–one of the first pieces purchased for the project in late 2019. “We were about to begin work when COVID hit and the project halted for several months, resuming in July of 2020 and wrapping up in September,” Sinclair shares. As if a global pandemic wasn’t enough, a major leak occurred midway through the project, damaging the new floors and cabinets. “These had to be ripped out and installed again” she says. “This caused a bit of a delay. What should have taken 6 weeks took almost 10.” 

Fortunately, things concluded beautifully. The new spaces reflect the family perfectly, and both clients and kiddos love the space equally–a designer’s ultimate seal of approval.