“I am definitely the cobbler with no shoes,” designer Sandra Fox laughs as she tells us about her own home. “I am so consumed (time-wise, mentally, emotionally) with designing for my clients that my place gets the least amount of effort.” She continues, “Luckily we have always loved a neutral palette so it’s been easy to mix and match items that we’ve accumulated over the years.” This accumulated collection worked design wonders in her Encino Hills home, just north of Mulholland Drive. “We made the move to Encino from the Westside (Brentwood and before that Santa Monica) three years ago in the typical migration to the valley post two-kids,” Sandra explains. “We actually photographed this home as a last-hurrah right before moving again! It’s hard to keep us in one place (these photographs are of our eighth residence in five years) but it served as a perfect space for our growing family of four.”

Sandra and her family moved in when her daughter was three and her son was only 6 months old. “I couldn’t see straight through my exhaustion much less come up with a proper vision for the home,” she recalls. Using the furniture from previous homes, along with a few new pieces, worked quite well in her favor. (Not to mention, the addition of a few pieces that her clients decided against — like a statement surfboard!) Sandra wanted the home to be able to “stand up to a dozen children running around at any given point,” while still being visually restful. She used a sleek console to hide the children’s toys when it was time for more adult gatherings.  

In the slideshow, Sandra takes us on a tour of each room, concluding that the living room ended up being her favorite place in the house. “It was one of the more refined spaces – a place to assemble and showcase the curiosities that I have inherited through my design business as well as my father’s international travels.” See more below!