“What a dream for us to work on this impeccable (and totally on point) home developed by The Feil Group in Pacific Palisades,” the duo behind boutique firm Lucas Browning Design tells us. Founders Heather and Katie have been designing homes together since 2013, and this project is a great reflection of their combined talent. “The home feels much like the sweeping views from the upstairs balcony:  clean, bright, and open. While this home is just minutes from the beach, it has a sophisticated modern tone that feels more like Silverlake or Venice. But still, there is a laid-back tone that is a nod to a casual beach vibe.”

The designers say these were as close to ‘dream clients’ as you can get. “With a discerning eye and a definitive opinion, this family knows what looks good and they trusted our instincts from day one,” Heather says. “The design was able to have personality: from a well decorated bar to baseball influences in the boys’ rooms, and vintage tape cassettes prints on the wall, this home has character. Add to that, the art inside was mostly the work family members, Jane Feil and Judith Gigliotti.  Altogether, you have all the elements of a truly personal home.”

Katie admits that there were quite a few delays when it came to bringing the design to life. “We did this project in the height of COVID-19 when our workroom had to close down for some time,” she explains. “The chaos and disruptions were so hard to manage on the client side, but at same time we knew workers and families were suffering. Seeing our network of suppliers endure hardships was truly awful and humbling. Through it all, we developed the attitude that it is just furniture. We are not saving lives.  This pandemic helped clarify what is really important, livelihoods and heath and being there for each other with patience and grace.”

A year later, the project was complete and with glowing reviews from the family. The designers share that once install was complete, their clients exclaimed ‘I can’t believe that I live here!’ “What a compliment that was and it made all the hard work so worth it,” they say with a smile. In the slideshow, the pair takes us on a virtual tour of the space.