A pair of empty nesters in Beaverton, OR (just outside of Portland) decided to downsize and simplify their life. After 8 years in their family home, they bought a condo and tasked Dyer Studio with bringing the beige and basic space to life. “They wanted to improve function and personalize their spaces,” Stephanie Dyer, the founder of the design firm, shares. “They wanted the design to have meaning, to echo the significance of their transition into their next phase of life.”

According to Stephanie, the clients told her to “go bananas.” Directives included new wood flooring, homes for books, a freestanding tub in the master bath, and a multifunctional 2nd bedroom that would accommodate guests while still serving as a home office, meditation space, and room for sewing. From the start, Stephanie and her team soon nicknamed the project Books and Shoes. “It’s an apt (though overly simplistic) summary of their respective careers, passions, and expertise,” the designer explains.

Since this was a mindful downsize, designer and client worked closely to reimagine every space and surface, all while supporting and reflecting the couple’s character and lifestyle. The result is a curated home that is simple yet thoughtful; soft but with statement. And yes — the finished project features many storage opportunities for both books and shoes. Take a tour and snag Stephanie’s insight in the slideshow.