We admit, this sunny home in coastal Orange County is a little cruel to share in the middle of winter with its views of the Pacific Ocean and December average temperatures in the sixties. However, it’s also the perfect time for a little mental vacation so please indulge in this SoCal stunner from Robin Strickler, designer and owner of DesignWorks. Starting with major renovations in the bathroom and kitchen, Robin then “layered the home with navy blue and soft neutrals, inspired by the Southern California ocean and coastline.”

As the clients had exceptional taste, but both were extremely particular, the project took some time going back and forth between client and designer. A major requirement? Skip the contemporary style and go traditional. Robin says, “Their goal for this house was to have a more classic, traditional style with some transitional elements mixed in, and together we were able to achieve that and design their dream space for them.”

As Robin was has a background in model homes, she was grandfather-ed in with many of vendors as a ‘stocking dealer’ account. She says, “This allows us to offer our clients a multitude of fantastic vendors to select from that they might not have access to if they were to design on their own. “

This came in handy for the TWO master baths. While blessed with the space, Robin says, “We wanted hers to feel glitzy, but at the same time again keeping the materials cohesive so they felt connected and not two separate his/her spaces.” Both rooms tie into the master bedroom, designed in the wife’s favored color, blush.

See the whole home in the slideshow!