Though this Los Angeles home was mostly turnkey when a young family bought it, it lacked personality and the neutral-yet-inviting style they loved. The couple turned to Bre Hance at InHance Interiors to help customize every square inch, bringing in color, contrast, neutrals, and opulent textures. “They also have two toddlers, so I had the additional challenge of creating chic and sophisticated looks that also provide function and practicality to suit their family’s needs,” Bre tells us. 

Located in the upscale Brentwood Heights neighborhood, the designer wanted the home to reflect the neighborhood’s ability to transport you out of the hustle and bustle of the big city and into a quiet, polished, tree lined oasis. “The sleek modern elements of the home and property are balanced inside through our neutral color palette and earthy organic features,” she says. “We also paid homage to the natural beauty of this canyon community and incorporated pops of olive greens and rich jewel tones.”

Even with shipping delays and all of the Covid-complications that are affecting the furniture industry at the moment, InHance was able to complete the project in less than a year.  “Our client was so excited to finally see their dream space come to life and couldn’t thank us enough for bringing their high hopes to fruition,” Bre smiles. “We took extra care in the shared family spaces, and it was clear that the level of thoughtfulness and detail really surprised them. It was like a lightbulb going off in their brain as we walked into each room of the home…they weren’t really ready for the feeling of when you come home to a place that feels so perfect and complete.”

In the slideshow, InHance Interiors shares all the details of their design.