This 1,200 square-foot condo had been recently remodeled, but the homeowner was looking for help with furnishings and reached out to Dallas designer Traci Connell. The client wasn’t keen on a ton of pattern, but Connell and her team still brought in plenty of personality — there’s an abundance of texture, bold color, and glamorous details that are reminiscent of a chic boutique hotel.

Though the main living space is on the smaller side, Connell made sure to designate each area as their own so each “room” had a purpose. In the living room, you can easily sit 4 or 5 people, and it’s a great spot to watch TV or admire the Dallas skyline. Here, the designer doubled up on rugs for added comfort.

In the back parlor, a striking wallpaper turns a small dining area into an inviting restaurant-esque hangout, with two wooden ‘birds nest’ pendants flanking Slim Aarons artwork. “This is a great place for her to bring her gal-pals over and enjoy a cocktail and catch up on the latest gossip,” Connell shares.

On the outdoor patio, the client wanted a small sitting area. “Low, but comfortable chairs are positioned on the balcony so they do not detract from the view from inside,” the designer explains.  

The project took about 3 and 1/2 months, and has been a wonderful sanctuary for the homeowner. “I’ve been loving it since December, but with the recent coronavirus and me staying inside all day everyday, I’ve encountered a new appreciation,” she mused. “It’s been my happy/safe place during a time of major chaos.”