The location—and views—were a big selling point for this home in Northwest Seattle. “It’s on a three-acre waterfront lot,” designer Jessica Nelson tells us. “The home was built in the ‘60s by an architect who wanted to bring the outside in. The massive windows highlight the view and wrap around the whole back of the home. It’s also cantilevered out over the cliff, so you really feel like you are just seeing water.”

The homeowners wanted to celebrate the architectural integrity of the home and reached out to Jessica’s design firm to help furnish the house from top to bottom. Must-haves included their love of mid-century modern furniture, a great collection of art, and ensuring each piece would be appropriate for their young family—so fabrics and materials are all kid-friendly. 

Jessica shares details about their selections in the slideshow and admits that lingering Covid-related delays made the project run at a slower pace than usual, topping out at eight months before it was complete. “Shipping was still a big issue,” she recalls. “We used a lot of smaller vendors who were still experiencing leftover delays. We also had a couple of vintage pieces get sold out from under us to we needed to replace some of those pieces sadly.”

Patience was key to success, however. “Our clients were great throughout this process,” she says. “They love it and think it really reflects their personal style.”