Built in 1899, this historic home is located in Hastings-on-Hudson—a quaint town along New York’s Hudson River. Designer Becca Casey of Becca Interiors began work on the home’s redesign for her clients, a young family of four, in 2017. “As newlyweds they relocated from the city in search of a forever-home that would bring them the greenery of the suburbs, but still allow for an easy commute to NYC,” Casey shares. “The husband is in finance, and the wife has a creative background in floral design with a boutique, Hōm Market, soon opening; featuring global treasures and artisan workshops.”

The home had beautiful proportions and hand-crafted woodwork stemming back to its 19th century roots. “The heavily stained moldings, dark plaster walls, and retro tile fireplaces were where we focused our efforts to lighten and brighten the space,” Casey explains. “It was important that we continued to celebrate the history of the home by keeping its original integrity but implementing cosmetic changes and a fresh palette through the use of paint, texture, and a touch of modernity.”

They worked in two separate phases – the first completed most of the ground level and nursery, and the second focused on the 3rd floor primary suite and a second nursery in 2020. “Having the opportunity to step away from the design and come back to see the families wishes evolved as they grew from a family of two to four, really helped spur the overall design intent as well as nurture our clients’ needs,” Casey says. Over the three-year project, the home came together naturally and beautifully.  “The space was designed intrinsically from the projects inception and always held a reflection of the clients’ own personalities. Every meeting was greeted with hot tea, and a freshly baked good, alongside a warm conversation. Inspired by this nurturing essence, the project’s design grew organically over the years to create a home full of love and character for years to come.”

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