We are so thrilled to share our new candle collaboration with FAVOR, one of our favorite resources for home accessories and decor. When working with the FAVOR team, we wanted to create a candle that checked all the boxes: scent, style, and size. Hand-poured in Jacksonville, FL and featuring gorgeous glass vessels you’ll want to save, it all comes down to your fragrance preference:

We’re not saying that lighting this candle will change your fortune, but the positive, prosperous fragrance feels like the equivalent of someone picking up your tab. Jade has long been associated with increasing fortune, while a touch of patchouli can ease stress and anxiety.

Old stereotypes say ‘bake cookies’ when showing a house to make a buyer feel at home. To us, that feels dated, which is why we created this scent in collaboration with FAVOR. Keep the good vibes glowing!

Bad vibes, be gone! Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home or just need to clear out some negative energy, the white sage will help to “smudge” your space while soothing notes of lavender will keep you calm.

Sometimes you just need to press the reset button on a space, and with one strike of the match, you can do just that.

Each candle retails for $48 and is available at infavorof.com.