We are so excited to share our Spring 2023 issue, on newsstands now!  

We’re available at fine retailers near you, including Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods, Walmart, CVS, Fred Meyer…anywhere that sells your favorite magazines! For a digital copy, we are now available on PressReader. We hope you enjoy the issue. Here’s an excerpt from our Editor-in-Chief, Kelli Lamb:

Four times a year, I welcome you to a new issue of the magazine. This time, it’s extra special for me—and a bit nerve- wracking!—because on page 50 I am also welcoming you into my home.

In 2021, I shared with my Instagram followers that my husband and I had bought our first home. Underneath the photo of our toothy grins, a caption shared the reality of what that meant for us: saving for nearly a decade; a harrowing search in L.A.’s cutthroat market; mentally moving into a house only to find out our offer had been beat out again, and again, and again. (Twelve “agains” to be exact!) It was such a joy to share with and be cheered on by my online community.

For better or worse, I’ve shared a lot of my life online, from early days of blogging to my experience with the BRCA+ gene. For the first year, I wasn’t sure that I was open to sharing our new home. RUE had just gone to print, and I was elated to have a new platform to loudly celebrate the work of top talent across North America and beyond. But throwing open the doors to my own little happy place? Well, that was a different story. 

The nature of our glossy pages is that you’re often seeing the finished result, rather than connecting with the people who live there. Renovation woes and financial stressors are often a blip in the article; let’s hurry to the beautiful end result! My hope is that by offering a look at my own space, you’ll feel more connected to the process—and our pages. 

Speaking of our pages, there are a lot more home tours for you to enjoy. (Thank goodness for that!!) We took great care to bring you the best of all styles from talented designers, artists, and architects. If dark and moody isn’t your thing, we’ll transport you to a calming oasis in Washington that’s awash in pale, neutral hues. If you aren’t happy unless every room is a different color, we’ve got that too. 

And if you’ve picked up this issue with the hope of better understanding what your own style is, I feel confident you’ll find it here. There’s no one way to decorate your home, and I’m all about helping you find what works best for you.