Mondays, right? They always bring a flurry of stress as you realize just how much you’ll need to accomplish for the week ahead. We’re all about finding ways to relax and unwind after a crazy Monday, and the ultimate luxury is a hot bath. (And no, not one that looks like this.) Here are a few of our favorite essentials:

  1. Crane & Canopy Monogrammed Bathrobe, $99: One of our favorite bath and bedding lines has just launched plush cotton bathrobes and they might be the softest robes in the world. Crafted from 100% long staple Turkish cotton, they come in three colors and have an option for monogramming!
  2. Blume Daydreamer Gentle Face Cleanser, $14: We’ve recently become 100% hooked on Blume’s blemish treatment, and the cleanser is just as good. It uses jojoba, chamomile, lavender and geranium to lift away surface impurities while hydrating the skin and diminishing redness.
  3. Osmia Oh So Detox Charcoal Body Soap, $18: Might this be the most beautiful soap ever? Osmia’s scentless detox soap is made of charcoal (to bind unwanted toxins) and clay (to replenish depleted minerals). Plus, it’s super sudsy and great for shaving!
  4. Opalhouse for Target Embroidered Hem Towel, $10: We’re all about bringing beauty into every aspect of our lives. Sometimes, that means a super chic bath towel.
  5. Ganni Silk Scrunchie, $25: This isn’t just about style! Silk scrunchies are gentle on your hair, meaning less breakage.
  6. Vitruvi Dusk Essential Oil Blend, $26: This blend smells like “warm air and eucalyptus leaves,” AKA you can add a few drops to your diffuser and pretend you’re on vacation.
  7. Urban Outfitters Shag Bath Mat, $39: This Plush, high-pile shag bath mat will make any bathroom look like a well-designed oasis.
  8. Grenville Society Nightcap Candle, $32: We love lighting a candle to create a little ambiance. This one is composed of tobacco leaf, rye and basil, and is perfected with a cured leather base note. Even if you’re sipping chamomile tea, you can pretend you’re enjoying a nightcap in a far flung locale.