Do you ever find a product that just makes your heart sing? This summer, I’ve accumulated a handful of great finds that are making my life easier, more comfortable, and a lot more fun! From cozy robes to inflatable pools, these are the items I’m loving most:

  1. Lake Pajamas Robe: This lightweight robe is made from 100% pima cotton, which means it’s softer than soft. I’ve long been a fan of Lake Pajamas and have nearly worn my first pair to death. This robe provides the comfort I love while I’m getting ready in the morning or when I get out of the bath in the evening. I’m obsessed! 
  2. & 7. Paddywax Candles: I’m going to be honest — as a cat owner, I am constantly worried about the smell of my home. Paddywax has a few new collections that not only smell great, but are design-forward too. I am partial to the Southwest-inspired Mesa collection and the artful Confetti collection. I plan to reuse both ceramic vessels once the candles have burned out!
  3. P.F. Candle Co. Fragrance: I have a hard time choosing a perfume, but I tend to love scents that have a unisex vibe. When I heard that P.F. Candle Co. had launched a line of fine fragrances, I was elated. I’m a big fan of the Los Angeles-based company! I’ve been wearing the fragrance daily — it’s a bit citrusy, a bit musky, and very alluring.
  4. Glacce Crystal Water Bottles: Though I didn’t appreciate it until later, my mom taught me all about crystals at a young age. While I did learn about each stone’s different qualities, my biggest takeaway was the power of positive thinking. So while no, I don’t think this water bottle will solve all of my problems, drinking from it reminds me to slow down, be kind and compassionate towards whatever I’m dealing with, and to make positive vibes part of my daily ritual. 
  5. Naturally by Stevi Christine Eyebrow Pencil: Stevi Christine is one of LA’s top makeup artists, and the go-to gal for great eyebrows. Her all-natural line of cruelty free brow products help you get her signature look at home. This pencil creates a thin, hair-like application and is a must-have in my beauty routine.
  6. Minnidip Inflatable Pool: Every summer, the weather in LA seems to be more brutal than the last. When those weeklong heatwaves roll in, my husband and I would always joke about getting an inflatable pool to cool down. But when we’d see them at the store, we were unimpressed by the outdated graphic designs. One morning while scrolling Instagram, I happened upon Minnidip and ordered a pool about 5 minutes later. If palm print isn’t your thing, there are other cute options that will fit your outdoor decor. Just add an Aperol Spritz and you’ve got the perfect summer afternoon!