There’s no way around it: 2020 is exhausting. Every time we pick up our phone, a “breaking news” alert pops up with, well, more bad news. It can be hard to feel optimistic with so much uncertainty, and hard to be joyful when there is hardship for so many. To reduce the overall news fatigue, we’ve limited our media consumption to a few podcasts in the morning, and reduced the number of times we check Apple News for updates.

These efforts have helped, but we’re trying to combat the overall sense of dread by adding a little beauty to the constant scroll. One easy way to bring a bit of stress-free inspiration to your day is to adjust the accounts you follow and interact with on social media. And, in addition to interior design, we think bringing flowers into the mix is a great call. In the slideshow, meet 6 talented florists from across the West Coast. There are candy-colored bouquets alongside earthy arrangements, so you’re sure to discover an aesthetic that you love.