Which came first…the art or the design? It can go either way, but when the art comes first, there are special considerations to take. We tapped the experts at Prime Projects for foolproof tips, tricks, and ideas. Read on for effortless ways to incorporate the things you love into your home.

Express Yourself

Have fun with it! Let your choice of artwork express who you are. Embrace surprises. When approaching bold art, be confident to make strong statements about yourself in your choices. In the same way that we share pieces of ourselves in our social interactions, the art we bring into our personal spaces is a reflection of our current self.

Consider Unconventional Relationships

With art you don’t always have to play by the rules. In fact you shouldn’t. Go oversized and let the art drive the experience. It’s common to pay careful attention to align everything but this can often be a trap. By tucking an oversized art behind the sofa or over-extending beyond the width of a furniture piece it adds depth to the space and creates a more immersive experience. These atypical gestures can allude to a sense that there are things yet to be discovered.

Think of Art as Architecture

Bold art can delineate space. It can imply movement. It can communicate directionality. There is a visual weight attached to any artwork that informs the relationship of one area of the room to another. Art can expand a room, add depth, or alternatively art can create boundaries to further define more intimate spaces. With architecture, as with art, you don’t want to lose sight of the whole composition. Don’t be afraid to counterbalance bold art with bold accents.